Packaging Options

Mirrorcle Technologies MEMS mirrors are available in the following standard ceramic-based packages:

  • Recommended, Connectorized Form (PCB with LCC): TINY20.4, TINY48.4
  • Un-connectorized Form: DIP24

In special cases of larger quantity orders, other packages may be considered after initial NRE and successful development.

For details, please see the provided MEMS Packages and Mounts Guide

MEMS Mirror actuator die sizes and matching packages are provided here, with the recommended package in bold:

Options matching 4.25mm x 4.25mm actuators – TINY20.4, TINY48.4, DIP24
Options matching 5.20mm x 5.20mm actuators – TINY20.4, TINY48.4, DIP24
Options matching 7.25mm x 7.25mm actuators – TINY48.4, DIP24

For more information on die sizes and actuators, please see our Specifications page