Available Add-Ons for Development Kits

Wide-Angle Lens

Custom designed and built afocal lens with 3 lens elements that will magnify the optical scan-angles of the system by approximately 3X. This magnification is substantially linear, resulting in overall development kit scan capability of over 45°. Lens has 1/2" and 1" diameter elements and comes mounted on a 1/2 " optical post. Lens elements are anti-reflection coated for visible wavelengths.

Laser Tracking Bundle

A bundle that extends the capabilities of the USB-SL Controller and Mirrorclce API by providing users a quick route to prototyping and development of laser tracking applications. Bundle includes a high sensitivity photosensor with an optical daylight filter and a multi-stage amplifier designed for noise reduction. A sample retroreflective tape is included for marking laser tracking targets in the range of several to tens of meters. An example C++ Visual Studio project is included with several examples of use of the tracking library classes.

Wireless Option

Adds wireless communication (over Bluetooth) capability in addition to the USB communication to the Mirrorcle USB MEMS controller (USB-SL). When wireless communication is used, users should provide 5VDC battery or USB power to the controller's USB input port. Also used with Android Development Kit.

Android Development Kit

Adds wireless communication (over Bluetooth) capability to the Mirrorcle USB MEMS controller (USB-SL). Includes Mirrorcle's Android Java API for user's development of applications. An Android Tablet is included with pre-installed MirrorcleDraw and other demo apps. In addition to the Eclipse library and comprehensive user guides, example projects are provided with source codes.

Linux Development Kit

Mirrorcle's Linux Development Kit is built on Ubuntu 18.04 for the x86_64 architecture. It includes the complete C++ SDK as well as open-source examples of MTIDevice-Demo and MirrorcleLinearRaster.

Python Software Dev Kit

Additional SDK for development using Python language (built for Windows) with most of the same functionality and capability of the Windows-based C++ SDK to run all of the examples in MTIDevice-Demo.cpp. Includes a library of functions and multiple example scripts.

PSD Bundle

The PSD Bundle consists of a PSD Module, optical breadboarding, and open-source C++ and Matlab examples for use with Mirrorcle Software Suite's C++ and Matlab SDKs. The PSD Module consists of a 20mm x 20mm duo-lateral PSD (Position Sensing Device) and conditioning circuits for powering the PSD and converting its output currents to X and Y positions, and a CW red laser module with focusing capability. The open-source examples provided are intended for use with the Mirrorcle Software Suite and demonstrate the creation of Look-Up-Tables, characterizing MEMS devices' Angle vs. Vdifference responses, etc.