Mirrorcle-designed controllers have a fast Microchip PIC32MZ MCU which provides USB communication, driving for MEMS devices, synchronization with other systems, and programmable hardware filtering to avoid overshoot and ringing.
The controllers are USB bus-powered and provides power for the embedded MEMS driver and low-power peripherals. These systems can run solely on a laptop powered by its battery.
Interfacing with the Controller is provided by Windows applications and APIs (C++, Matlab, LabView), as shown in many SDK examples and executables included with the Mirrorcle Software Suite (sold separately). Limited MEMS driving functionality is also possible via serial terminal commands.


Dimensions: Approx. 80mm x 115mm x 30mm    Weight: Approx. 140g

Mirrorcle-designed MEMS Controller with a fast Microchip PIC32MZ MCU

Its main function is to interface with user software, store prepared waveforms in a buffer, and run/output those waveforms in open loop to drive the MEMS mirror and peripherals

Compatible with latest Software Suite 10.2 or newer

Powered and controlled by USB

Available as OEM Controller (provided as PCBs with no boxes or cables and require minimum order quantities)


Programmable hardware-based low-pass filters and protection circuitry to reduce the chances of device damage
Output bandwidth from 50Hz to 25kHz (governed by programmable filters)
4x (16-bit) Analog Outputs
for X and Y axis control of MEMS mirrors
Sample Rates
up to 120,000 samples per second (120 kSPS)
2x (12-bit) Analog Inputs
with +/- 10V input range
Sync Port for synchronization with
additional Controllers or driving of laser peripherals
USB Plug and Play support
8x Correlated Digital Outputs (3.3V)
for controlling other components or systems
500kB of Onboard RAM
allows up to 100,000 samples to be stored
Flash Memory allows storage of settings and data
for stand-alone operation (no PC)
Separate analog input port (Add-On purchase laser tracking)
for a laser tracking photosensor
Wireless option (Add-On purchase)
allows battery-run wireless operation over Bluetooth


Dimensions: Approx. 70mm x 70mm x 40mm

The OCCIE 1.2 controller interfaces with Windows Applications for Scan Control and software command that results in MEMS mirror scans and repeatable patterns.

Production-line ready, available in volumes with a 3 month lead time.

Contact Mirrorcle sales regarding pricing and minimum order quantity

Features & Specifications

USB Powered MEMS Controller: OCCIE 1.2
Host Connector with 2 Analog Inputs
Digital Output connector with 8 Digital Outputs
> 800mW Power Consumption
Host Connector with 4 Digital Synchronization Outputs
Minimum order quantity,
Provided without box and cables in production quantities