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Mirrorcle offers a completeley open and comprehensive Application Programming Interface (API) for full control of Mirrorcle’s MEMS mirrors and electronics.

The Mirrorcle API allows for generation of content (MEMS positions and correlated digital outputs), control and streaming of content, reading of analog inputs, synchronization with additional Controllers or peripherals, tracking, etc. This allows users to integrate Mirrorcle’s beam-steering solutions into any system and for any application.

Mirrorcle’s open API is available in multiple languages and on various platforms

  • C++ (Windows and Linux)
  • LabVIEW (Windows)
  • Matlab (Windows)
  • Python (Windows and Linux)
  • Java (Android)

Latest Mirrorcle API Update

Post-release patch

Release Date: 2018-12-21

  • MirrorcleDraw
  • Added: Autodetect RGB Scan Modules and enable appropriate DataFormat for output to RGB Controllers
  • Added: Gradient color feature: set two different color values in mirrorcledraw.ini for gradient color output to RGB Controllers
  • Fixed: Import ILDA File - detecting RGB vs Monochrome improved.
  • C++ SDK
  • Added: SetRGBDriverParameters to manipulate the gain and offset of the R/G/B laser diodes
  • Added: SetRGBGamma to manipulate the gamma of the R/G/B laser diodes
  • Added: InterpolateDataOptimized for MTIDataGenerator::GenerateClockData
  • Fixed: Removed unnecessary x64 folder in the SDK-Cpp folder

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