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Mirrorcle offers a completeley open and comprehensive Application Programming Interface (API) for full control of Mirrorcle’s MEMS mirrors and electronics.

The Mirrorcle API allows for generation of content (MEMS positions and correlated digital outputs), control and streaming of content, reading of analog inputs, synchronization with additional Controllers or peripherals, tracking, etc. This allows users to integrate Mirrorcle’s beam-steering solutions into any system and for any application.

Mirrorcle’s open API is available in multiple languages and on various platforms

  • C++ (Windows and Linux)
  • LabVIEW (Windows)
  • Matlab (Windows)
  • Python (Windows and Linux)
  • Java (Android)

Latest Mirrorcle API Update

Improved optimization and decimation for vector display applications

Release date: 2019-03-08

  • MirrorcleDraw
  • Added RGBGradientJet and RGBGradientCustom to MirrorcleDraw - enabled via the mirrorcledraw.ini
  • Improved Sketching, Import File, Hershey/TTF Text, and Clock display modes with the new OptimizeKeypoints function for higher performance
  • MirrorcleShow
  • Fixed issue where single frame content would be skipped
  • Fixed memory leak
  • C++ SDK
  • Added new parameter unsigned int targetNumKeyPoints to MTIDataGenerator::OptimizeKeypoints()
  • Added lossy compression algorithm to OptimizeKeypoints which reduces the number of keypoints to the targetNumKeyPoints
  • Fixed memory leak in MTIDataGenerator::LoadIldaFile()
  • Fixed the error in returned samples from InterpolateDataOptimized being much more than requested
  • Linux SDK
  • Updated RGBExamples.cpp for Linux compatibility
  • Python SDK
  • Added MTIDataFormat to mtidevice module
  • Added complete Linux support
  • Fixed tabs to spaces according to PEP-0008
  • Fixed folder structure for better Linux system support

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