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Company Profile

Mirrorcle Technologies, Inc., founded in 2005, is a private corporation that commercially provides products and laser systems based on its proprietary optical microelectromechanical system (MEMS) technology. Since its founding, and supported by its continuous investment in R&D, the company has been offering the world’s fastest point-to-point (quasi-static) two-axis beam-steering MEMS Mirrors, as well as resonant-type micromirror devices with video rates. Mirrorcle is globally the only provider of tip-tilt MEMS actuators in combination with mirrors from submillimeter to several mm in diameter, offering customers a wide selection of specifications to optimize their paths to successful commercialization. Mirrorcle products can be found today in 3D metrology systems, biomedical imaging systems, solid-state LiDARs, AR/VR prototypes, laser projectors, and classrooms. Mirrorcle’s system solutions are complete easy-to-integrate products that provide visual messaging and 3D perception sensing for the robotics and drone market. These solutions with emphasis on lowest power consumption in the market include the world’s most compact vector graphics laser projector “Playzer”, and a compact and lightweight 3D LiDAR “SyMPL”. In addition to Mirrorcle’s popular R&D development kit packages and off-the-shelf products with established designs, the company’s R&D team sometimes engages in specialty design and fabrication projects.


In addition to the laboratory at our headquarters, we also have year-round, 24-7 access to specialized wafer-based CMOS and MEMS fabrication facilities within a few kilometers from our headquarters. All our MEMS mirror fabrication, packaging, and testing are performed in a clean-room environment. In addition to our own low-volume manufacturing capabilities, we have successfully transferred our proprietary manufacturing processes to a leading wafer foundry that specializes in large volume MEMS fabrication. We are therefore prepared for production at any volume levels while maintaining our highest quality standards. The design, the custom-assembly of various device types, packaging, package-level testing and final quality control are performed in-house.


As a privately held company, we are efficient, creative, and highly responsive to our customers’ requirements and needs. We are always striving to provide highest-quality products and support to facilitate your product development and successful commercialization. Our staff looks back at several decades of combined experience in MEMS design, fabrication and testing. Over the past twelve years, the members of our group (from various affiliations during that period) have fabricated a variety of successful MEMS and CMOS MEMS devices, we published dozens of technical papers, and taught a variety of courses on MEMS design and fabrication.