MEMS Mirrors

We provide a variety of optical microelectromechanical system (MEMS) products such as world's fastest and lowest power-consuming two-axis point-to-point beam-steering mirrors in many mirror sizes.

Versatile Applications

As optical scanning or beam steering appears in various industries and numerous applications, our scanning mirrors are most beneficial in those applications that require miniature, high speed, low-power, or low-cost solutions.


Optimized Solutions

MirrorcleTech's MEMS micromirror technology is highly versatile and adaptable to various applications. Devices can be fabricated with somewhat generic quasi-static (point-to-point) performance specifications or can be highly customized to achieve specific set of specifications, such as e.g. projection-displays.


Mirrorcle Technologies MEMS devices are being used to develop a wide range of applications in industries such as displays, biomedical imaging, 3D object scanning, 3D position measurement, LIDAR, optical data storage, tracking and targeting, telecommunications, etc. In addition, our development kits have been proven as excellent educational platforms for MEMS and related electro-mechanical systems courses and demonstrations.

Our Products Include:

Dual-axis quasi-static (point to point) MEMS Mirrors
Flat, high quality mirrors up to several mm diameter
Plug and Play Development Kits
Laser marking and 3D printing technology
MEMS Mirror-based Display and Picoprojector technology
3D Laser Tracking and LiDAR technology
Windshield Head-Up Display (HUD) technology
Android and Linux Development Kit Add-Ons
Discounted Educator’s Kits for Professors / Educators