Visual Messaging – Playzer

Mirrorcle’s Vector Graphics Laser Projection (VGLP) Architecture combines a full technology stack of software, electronics, and optical laser beam steering solutions to enable fully programmable and re configurable laser projection and display of bright, high contrast graphic content on a variety of surfaces.

The architecture optimizes the performance of lasers and fast gimbal less dual axis MEMS mirrors to achieve highest “wall plug power to visibility” efficiency. A critical feature of the architecture is to utilize lasers of modest optical power at very high duty cycles and to deliver all available illumination to the desired vector graphics and image, and not to spread it over a wide area as in typical pico projectors or DLP displays.

Playzer is a pocket sized programmable vector graphic laser projector. It consists of a MEMS mirror based Scan Module , Controller electronics, Software API, and applications (presently Windows, optionally Linux or Android based). Playzer is a compact solution for displaying graphics in a multitude of environments, both outdoor and indoor.

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