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Mirrorcle offers a completeley open and comprehensive Application Programming Interface (API) for full control of Mirrorcle’s MEMS mirrors and electronics.

The Mirrorcle API allows for generation of content (MEMS positions and correlated digital outputs), control and streaming of content, reading of analog inputs, synchronization with additional Controllers or peripherals, tracking, etc. This allows users to integrate Mirrorcle’s beam-steering solutions into any system and for any application.

Mirrorcle’s open API is available in multiple languages and on various platforms

  • C++ (Windows and Linux)

  • LabVIEW (Windows)

  • Matlab (Windows)

  • Python (Windows and Linux)

  • Java (Android)

Latest Mirrorcle API Update

Removal of MTIDevice::GetAPIVersion and improving tracking/imaging functionality

Release Date 2020-08-05

  • MirrorcleDraw

  • Fixed issue in MirrorcleDraw tracking/imaging feature where multiple imaging windows would open unpredictably

  • Fixed MirrorcleDraw tracking/imaging memory leak

  • C++ SDK

  • Removed MTIDevice::GetAPIVersion due to sensitivity to MSVC toolset version and frequent imcompatibility with C runtimes

  • Improved the performance of SinglePointTracking_Raster and removed issue where raster pattern frequency was several factors too high

  • Added source code for MultiPointTracking as previously seen only in the MirrorcleDemo application

  • Added GUI window displays for DataMode7Raster and SinglePointTracking_Raster for better visualization of tracking

  • Matlab SDK

  • The Matlab SDK will not see a removal of MTIDevice.GetAPIVersion as it is not disposed to the same issues as in C++/Python

  • Python SDK

  • Added support for functions required for RGB Playzer such as MTIDevice.SetRGBData and new function MTIDevice.SetRGBData_array (required for forwarding NumPy arrays to C++)

  • Inherited all API changes from C++ SDK, including the removal of MTIDevice.GetAPIVersion

  • Python SDK will see inclusion of multiple TrackingExamples.py changes as listed above for the C++ SDK, at a later date

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