C++ Quickstart#


Mirrorcle’s C++ library is the native language for programmable control of MEMS Mirrors.

Extensive documentation of this C++ library is provided in the MEMS Mirror Programming Guide.


Mirrorcle’s C++ SDK is automatically installed as part of the typical Mirrorcle Software Suite installation.

The SDK may be found as a folder located at C:\MirrorcleTech\SDK-Cpp\.

The folder contains a sample Visual Studio 2017 project called MTIDevice.sln. This project contains the source for MTIDevice-Demo as well as the Tracking and Imaging and RGB Playzer Examples it implements.


Mirrorcle’s C++ API requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 x86 Redistributable and OpenCV 2.4.13.

OpenCV library files do not need to download these separately. They can be may be found in the C:\MirrorcleTech\SDK-Cpp\ folder.

Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, 2017, 2019 may be found in C:\MirrorcleTech\Drivers\ folder as vcredist.x86 and vcredist.x64

Alternatively, users may find the VC++ redistributable download at Microsoft’s website:

All header files may be found in the include\ directory

All library files may be found in the lib\ directory

Importing the Library#

#include "MTIDevice.h"        // Includes all released functions
#include "MTIDefinitions.h"   // Includes structures: parameters, data modes, error codes, etc
#include "MTIDataGenerator.h" // Includes content generation and manipulation functions