Matlab Quickstart#


Mirrorcle’s Matlab library is written natively.

This means that not all the classes, structs, and methods that are available in C++ will be found in Matlab.

Most notably, the MTIDataGenerator class is not present in the Matlab library


Mirrorcle’s Matlab SDK is automatically installed as part of the typical Mirrorcle Software Suite installation.

The SDK may be found as a folder located at C:\MirrorcleTech\SDK-Matlab\.

The folder contains the library in SDK-Matlab\MTIDeviceMatlab\ as well as a number of examples.


Mirrorcle’s Matlab library has no dependencies.

It should be noted that the library was built in Matlab 2012b, and that there may be minor incompatibilities in future versions.

Importing the Module#

The MTIDeviceMatlab library must be added to Matlab’s path before the classes and functions will be available.