Lidar SDK Quickstart - Windows#


Mirrorcle’s MTILidar library is natively written in C++. The library provides input/output control of Mirrorcle’s Lidar devices.


The MTILidar C++ SDK is provided as part of a Mirrorcle LiDAR Software Suite delivery.

The SDK may be found as a folder located at Mirrorcle LiDAR Software Suite - Windows\SDK-Cpp-MTILidar\.

The folder contains a sample Visual Studio 2017 solution called MTILidar-Demo.sln. This project contains the source code for MTILidar-Demo.

If needed, Visual Studio can be downloaded from Microsoft, here:

Users of Visual Studio versions newer than 2017 may freely upgrade the project to their respective Visual Studio version upon opening the project.


Mirrorcle’s MTILidar C++ API requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2015/2017/2019 x86 Redistributable and OpenCV.

Users can download these from Microsoft’s VC++ redistributables page:

Viual C++ 2015, 2017, and 2019 all share the same redistributables.

All source code may be found in the SDK-Cpp-MTILidar\demo_source directory

All lib and dll files may be found in the SDK-Cpp-MTILidar\lib\ directory

All header files may be found in the SDK-Cpp-MTILidar\include\ directory

Importing the Library#

Importing the library is a simple as including the MTILidar.h

#include "MTILidar.h"        // Will include MTILidarDefinitions.h and MTILidarTypes.h