Lidar SDK Quickstart - Linux#


  1. Verify that you can access the Lidar device from Linux:

  2. Install CMake if necessary. It is used to build the library and applications

    • $ sudo apt-get install cmake

  3. Install OpenCV (OpenCV is used for application windowing)

    • $ sudo apt-get install libopencv-dev


The Mirrorcle LiDAR Software Suite is typically provided as a USB flash drive or FTP download link and contains a folder with all applications and SDKs. It is recommended to extract this to the ~/MirrorcleTech/ directory.

  • ./MirrorcleLiDAR/ contains the MirrorcleLiDAR application

  • ./MirrorcleCloud/ contains the MirrorcleCloud point cloud visualization application.

  • ./SDK-MTILidar-Cpp/ contains the C++ MTILidar Linux SDK with example projects
    • Source files of the MTILidar-Demo example can be can be found in demo_source/ within the SDK-MTILidar-Cpp directory

    • Header files may be found in the include/ directory

    • Shared library may be found in the lib/ directory

  • ./Documentation/ contains all documentation, including the DEMO-07 SyMPL 3D LiDAR User Guide as well as links to the online documentation

Running the Provided Demos#

For immediate/convenient testing, MTILidar-Demo comes pre-compiled in ./SDK-MTILidar-Cpp/demo_exe/

As the application in the demo_exe folder was compiled on another system with specific linking to Mirrorcle’s shared libs, linking to the libraries must be explicitly provided when running.

For detailed instructions on linking to libraries at runtime, please see page 11 of the DEMO-07 SyMPL 3D LiDAR User Guide .

Below is an example of adjusting the library search path at runtime in one line:

  1. From ~/MirrorcleTech/SDK-MTILidar-Cpp/demo_exe/

    • $ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. ./MTILidar-Demo


Adjusting library search paths is not necessary when compiling the SDK examples as demonstrated in the next section!


Users should try to preserve the applications delivered by Mirrorcle in the ~/SDK-MTILidar-Cpp/demo_exe/ directory in original form.

Compiling the SDK Examples#

Compile the source using the CMakeLists.txt provided in ./SDK-MTILidar-Cpp/demo_source/

  1. From ~/MirrorcleTech/SDK-MTILidar-Cpp/demo_source/

    • $ mkdir Debug

    • $ cd Debug

    • $ cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug ..

    • $ make

After the build completes, the MTILidar-Demo application can be executed using $ ./MTILidar-Demo