Integrated MEMS Mirrors

  • Mirror Sizes: 0.8 mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm, and 2.4mm diameter in stock.
  • Maximum tilt angle under point-to-point driving:-6° to +6° mechanical each axis, varies with design type.
  • Maximum tilt angle under resonant driving: -7° to +7° mechanical
  • Single-Axis Option: Most designs can be provided arranged for pure single-axis motion.
Actuator NameMechanical Angle [°]Die Size [mm]Mirror Diameter [mm]PDF
A3I8.2-800AL±64.25 x 4.250.8
A3I12.2-1200AL±54.25 x 4.251.2
A7M20.1-2000AL±55.20 x 5.202.0
A5M24.1-2400AL±57.25 x 7.252.4
A7M8.1-800AL±4.755.20 x 5.200.8