C++ Quickstart


Mirrorcle’s C++ library is the native language for programmable control of MEMS Mirrors.

Extensive documentation of this C++ library is provided.

A more detailed programming guide can be found in the Guides - MEMS Mirror Programming Guide.


Mirrorcle’s C++ SDK is automatically installed as part of the typical Mirrorcle Software Suite installation.

The SDK may be found as a folder located at C:\MirrorcleTech\SDK-Cpp\.

The folder contains a sample Visual Studio 2010 project called MTIDevice.sln. This project contains the source for MTIDevice-Demo as well as the Tracking Examples it implements.


Mirrorcle’s C++ API requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 Redistributable and OpenCV.

Users do not need to download these separately. They can be may be found in the C:\MirrorcleTech\SDK-Cpp\ folder.

All header files may be found in the Include\ directory

All DLL files may be found in the DLL\ directory

All Lib files may be found in the Lib\ directory

Importing the Library

#include "MTIDevice.h"        // Includes all released functions
#include "MTIDefinitions.h"   // Includes structures: parameters, data modes, error codes, etc
#include "MTIDataGenerator.h" // Includes content generation and manipulation functions